About us

                Our company is a joint-venture partnership, founded in 1999. We are a part of capital group ROPLA, that operates for over 25 years in as many as seven European countries.

                We operate as a vendor, importer and as a trading company in a wholesale field, with our offer being directed mainly to European markets. Our offer includes equipment and  electronic components. As a main distributor Akyga brand we offer not only products, but also full marketing and technical support. The goal is to increase the position of Akyga trademark. Our products are in offer mostly on European markets, but not only in this areas. Also our branch in China operates successfully.  Akyga portfolio grows fast and dynamically. We cooperate with test and certification laboratories, that test innovative solutions and adapt them do restrictive, strictly complied standards.

             Attention of our partners is directed to the Akyga portfolio.

             Power suppliers:

  • ATX
  • ITX
  • TFX
  • Universal notebook power suppliers 
  • Dedicated notebook power suppliers 
  • Pulse power suppliers
  • Tablets power suppliers
  • USB chargers
  • QI chargers
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Converters for automobiles
  • Battery chargers

             Computer cases:

  • Micro ATX
  • Midi ATX
  • ITX
  • SFF
  • Accessories for cases


  • Audio-Video
  • HDMI
  • USB
  • Power cables
  • Service cables / Diagnostic
  • Transmission cables
  • Cable plug adapter
  • Strip surge

             Batteries and accumulators

  • Powerbanks
  • Li-Poly accumulators

             Pointing devices

  • Computer mouses


  • Tantalum
  • Film